What is Prinker?

Prinker allows you to choose ( Gallery function ) or create ( Sketcher function ) any design and apply it directly to your skin. Prinker is a comprehensive solution that includes Prinker device, cartridges with ink made from cosmetics ingredients and smartphone application (used to access the content/images which can be printed/”tattooed”).

How can you get it?

The current version of Prinker is intended for business users (B2B). The version for individual users (B2C) should be ready by the end of yearWe do not sell samples or accept pre-orders.

How can we cooperate?

At SketchOn we do not sell Prinker solution directly to the business users. Instead, we sell our solution through agencies. That’s why, we are searching for overseas agencies that will represent us in the overseas markets. If your company is interested in cooperation, please send us email with your company introduction, its sales and marketing channels and business proposal. Our email is info@sketchon.me

Prinker at glance
  • Unlimited Number of designs you can get with Prinker
  • 3 Seconds Printing time of temporary tattoo by Prinker
  • Full-color Prinker can print images in full-color
  • Ink Our ink is made only from certified cosmetics ingredients
  • 1-3 days Time Prinker temporary tattoo can last
  • H20 Images applied by Prinker are waterproof and… soap-washable
  • 1500 An average number of images you can get with one set of cartridges

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